Wizarding World, Twitter celeb Lord Voldemort speaks to MuggleNet

If you’re on Twitter, you may know that Lord Voldemort has an account. He’s amassed a following 570,000 strong and is known for his sarcastic, witty, and sometimes cruel remarks.

We requested an interview with the Lord and he graciously agreed.  These questions were submitted by those of you who follow us on Twitter.  Enjoy!

gLam_sussanex: Why do you hate Bieber that much? I don’t like him either, but I’m curious…

I hate everyone. I thought this was pretty clear by now, what with that whole “most evil wizard of all time” thing that I have going on. There’s also the possibility, as I’ve alluded to, that Bieber is actually one of my horcruxes. I mean, how else do you think he got famous? If that is the case, not saying it is or that it isn’t, then there’s probably some underlying psychological meaning about how I secretly hate myself. I don’t really buy that though because I’m awesome. Another theory is that Bieber is the resurrected form of Colin Creevy. I mean, Diggory came back as a vampire… think about it. And let’s be honest, nobody liked Colin Creevy. I think the real reason I hate Bieber is that he’s a hypocrite. Never say Never? You just said never… twice. “I’m gonna tell you one time,” LIES. Nobody lies to Lord Voldemort via a somewhat catchy bassline & gets away with it!