“Deathly Hallows – Part 2” featurette includes new footage, extended scenes, interviews with cast and crew

A brand-new featurette for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is now online courtesy of Comcast.

It contains a ton of new footage, most of it extended scenes, as well as interviews with Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, David Heyman, David Yates, and David Barron.

Scenes include (do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled in any way):

– Harry and Ron running into battle
– Close-up shot of a Giant swinging his axe
– Extended scene of the Dementors attack and Aberforth casting his Patronus
– Harry running from Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement
– Harry, Ron and Hermione entering the Hog’s Head and Harry speaking to Aberforth
– Fred and George on top of Hogwarts
– Professor Flitwick and Molly Weasley casting protective charms
– The protective shield taking effect around Hogwarts
– Extended scene of McGonagall addressing the statues
– Ginny deflecting Bellatrix’s spell and Molly Weasley saying, “Not my daughter!”
– Molly hitting Bellatrix with the Killing Curse.