Director David Yates talks “Potter” series, Rowling, and more in new interview

In a new interview, Harry Potter director David Yates talks about bringing the series to a close.

He discusses the final day of filming, how he has survived directing four massive blockbusters in a row, and  J.K. Rowling’s involvement, including her role as producer on Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

“You know, it hasn’t really changed from the other movies, honestly. She’s just always our biggest supporter. And always very graceful and kind and I think, because she’s been there throughout, it was time her name was up there. She wants to be up there with us; it’s a real privilege.”

On realizing the magnitude of the fan base:

“It was probably a phase in the cycle around about this stage when you do your interviews and you meet the press and walk up the red carpet. Obviously, you notice the fact that it’s globally popular, but it’s just when the fans come from Mexico or Argentina and camp out all night, you realize what it means to them. And it’s a huge responsibility, actually. Also, there are massive expectations on every movie, and in a curious way, you do your very best with the film. And I’m very proud of this film.”