Review: “Dear Mr. Potter” is a must-read as we near the final “Potter” film release

The following is a review of Dear Mr. Potter, a book of letters written by Harry Potter fans who reflect on what the series has done for them.

Dear Mr. Potter is a Chicken Soup for the Harry Potter fan’s soul. It’s a recollection of the fandom over the years and makes you realize how many fans were impacted by the series. The stories are all quite personal, which makes for an emotional read. There’s no doubt in my mind that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the truthful stories and powerful messages found on every page!

I happily contributed to the book and a couple other friends did as well. Evanna Lynch wrote an adorable letter to Luna, and it makes you realize how alike the two people really are. She is a true fan of the series just like everyone who reads this book, and it was fantastic seeing her being a part of this compilation.

Melissa Anelli, who I’ve worked with over the years, shares a very touching story that I’m glad she shared. By reading stories like Melissa’s you’ll see how everyone has a personal reason why Harry Potter has meant so much to them, and it’s truly heartwarming to hear each one.

It’s a must-read at this interesting time in the Potter fandom where we’re about to experience our final movie release.

You can learn more about Dear Mr. Potter at this link.  The book is available for pre-order, and proceeds benefit the Harry Potter Alliance.

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