“Potter” fansites speak with “Deathly Hallows” composer Alexandre Desplat

Harry Potter fansites recently had a chance to sit down and interview Deathly Hallows composer Alexandre Desplat.

When asked about it being challenging for large battle scenes:

“It is fun and challenging because there have been many movies with battles and action scenes in the past, so you have to find your own path and your own voice through that. It is a different approach than an intimate scene, but I like having a big orchestra rolling, and I’m going to say that in many places, we alternate from action cues to very lyrical memento, more operatic to counterbalance the action.”

He also discusses having more time work on Part 2, his favorite piece, Ron’s character, the involvement of director David Yates, and more.

Check and out the full interview right here and watch Alexandre directing one of the pieces from the final film.

The soundtrack will be released July 12.