Quibble of the Week: “Neville and Luna: The Ship That Should Have Been”

Our next featured Quibble of the Week comes from hpboy13, and he has a bone to pick with JK Rowling. Namely, why did Neville and Luna end up marrying different (and perhaps random) characters of the ‘Potter’ universe when the books had been pointing to the two of them getting together all along?

This essay has been thoroughly discussed in our Quibble discussion section – it has even been critiqued by another writer on this website – but what are your thoughts? To what extent does an author have authority when readers might have different interpretations of their work?

Since hpboy13 has submitted several interesting articles to the Editorials section over the last few years, we’ve decided to promote him. Starting today, you can find him in The Three Broomsticks, where he will be making frequent updates and sharing his diverse opinions to whoever is ready to grab a pint of butterbeer and talk ‘Potter’.