MuggleNet’s Throwback: Entertainer of the Year for 2007 – J.K. Rowling

This week, we take our timeturner back to November 23, 2007. Entertainment Weekly announces during the airing of The Today Show that their Entertainer of the Year is the author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling.

Miss Rowling appeared on the cover and was the first author to ever receive the award. Why was she chosen?

“J.K. Rowling is our Entertainer of the Year because she did something very, very hard, and she did it very, very well, thus pleasing hundreds of millions of children and adults very, very much. In an era of videogames consoles, online multiplayer ‘environments,’ and tinier-is-better mobisodes, minisodes, and webisodes, she got people to tote around her big, fat old-fashioned printed-on-paper books as if they were the hottest new entertainment devices on the planet.”

Do you think we could see another Harry Potter related Entertainer of the Year award this year for the final film?