Phelps Twins open teenage cancer unit in Birmingham hospital

James and Oliver Phelps, who played Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films, opened the 370,000 GBP Teenage Cancer Trust’s unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Birmingham.

The unit is replacing the charity’s former one at the hospital. Facilities include a kitchen, an education room and a place to listen to music and log onto the internet.

“Being from the area and everything, it’s just a fantastic opportunity to come down and see people who are going through this,” Oliver said. It’s not like a normal hospital ward, that’s the best thing about it. And seeing how positive everything is, it’s great to be here.”

It’s such a huge honor to be invited to do this…And we’ve just seen a handful of great tales that have come through here, so long let it continue,” James said.

James and Oliver have become involved in different charities benefiting cancer patients, most recently Diving for Harry. The twins skydived in Australia on November 22 to raise money for cancer research, in memory of Harry Moseley, 11, who lost his battle with a brain tumor early last year and passed away. The event has raised 2,510 GBP so far.