Quibble of the Week: “Harry Potter and The Holy Bible: A Comparison”

Our next Quibble of the Week comes from Massy, and she has striven to divine the connection between Harry Potter and the Holy Bible.

She is not the first to analyze Potter through the lens of spirituality, specifically Christianity, in fact this magical text is notorious for being tied to the devil by some conservatives on the religious right because of its suspected endorsement of witchcraft.

But Massy – in the same vein of this editorial writer – has come to the opposite conclusion about how Potter is related to the holiest text of Christendom:

The book series and The Bible are the books most translated in the world. Their universal messages have granted them such a high degree of popularity. Themes relevant to our lives, such as the struggle to do good in the face of adversity and the idea that love is the supreme power have made them both such great works.

Have a read of this quibble and you decide – to what degree does Harry Potter connect to the plot lines, symbolism, perhaps even the essence of The Holy Bible? Or, another question, how does Massy’s analysis change our interpretation of the book series?

If you disagree with the above quibble, how else do you think Jo navigates the issue of spirituality in her books? Make sure to post your thoughts in the comments underneath the essay. To read more quibbles and to learn how you can submit one of your own, head over to the MuggleNet Essay Section.