Rowling Confirms Work on “Potter” Encyclopedia, Royalties Will Go to Charity

With yesterday’s relaunch of J.K. Rowling’s website, the author has also answered a few new questions in her FAQ section.

Most notable is her response to a question fans have wondered ever since the final Potter book was released:

What about the Harry Potter encyclopedia?

For a long time I have been promising an encyclopaedia of Harry’s world, and I have started work on this now – some of it forms the new content in Pottermore. It is likely to be a time-consuming job, but when finished I shall donate all royalties to charity.

So this indeed confirms that aside from Pottermore, fans will get a deeper look into the Potter world! It is the first mention from Rowling herself of actually working on the project.

Rowling’s latest work, The Casual Vacancy, will be released on September 27.