Quibble of the Week: A Critical Look at the Infamous Molly/Bellatrix Duel

This week’s Quibble of the Week comes to us from the MuggleNet Academia section. Inspired by Lesson 2 of the MuggleNet Academia podcast, entitled “Harry Potter and the Sexual Innuendos”, user Sophie_atHogwarts has written an in-depth look at the infamous duel that occurs between Molly Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle at Hogwarts. Her essay poses the idea that the duel does not serve as a positive reinforcement for Molly’s character, but rather serves to “reduce both characters involved to old fashioned tropes and reinforces stereotypes.” She writes:

“The fandom is split into fans loving the scene, skeptics which question Molly’s magical abilities, those happy Bellatrix is finally gone regarding of who is chosen to finish her off and last but not least those questioning the message of the duel and how positive it actually is. I count myself among this last group.”

As this is a scene that is generally beloved by most of the fandom, do you believe that it it helps to showcase the strength in Molly’s and Bellatrix’s characters? Or, as Sophie_atHogwarts writes, does their scene together promote antifeminist values?

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