Have you sent in your Wizarding World hero birthday cake yet? Only one week left to enter!

Chocolate. Vanilla. Frosting. Fondant. Snitches. Hagrid. What do all these things have in common? They were, at one point, a part of the confectionary celebration surrounding Harry Potter’s birthday! Guess what? Now you can be a part of it too!

There is only ONE WEEK left to enter our Wizarding World heroes birthday cake decorating contest! Brought to you in part by Dinah Bucholz, author of the The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, this contest promises to be our “sweetest” yet!

To enter, you must decorate a cake worthy of a Wizarding World hero! You can chose to honor Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom (the boy who could’ve been!), or the woman who brought joy into so many of our lives – J.K. Rowling herself! The cake can be in their image, in honor of them, or may reflect some part of their personality. It’s truly up to you!

There are, unfortunately, a few rules! You must be at least 9 years old to enter, and cannot be a professional cake decorator. The cakes will be judged by Dinah herself, in three categories: Theme, Skill, & Creativity. Winners may receive (in no particular order) an autographed copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, an Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit, or a MuggleNet t-shirt! All entries must be received by July 24 – a mere eight days from now!

For a full set of rules, including a breakdown of the categories and where to submit your entry, please go here. Please note: prizes may change due to availability.

Kat Miller

I am a 40-something Ravenclaw/Slytherin from Massachusetts. I've been lucky in life and can attribute a lot of that to Harry Potter. Without it, I wouldn't have at least 80% of the things I do today, including my career & closest friends. I truly despise Sirius Black.