LeakyCon exclusive interviews continue with “TIME” book critic and author Lev Grossman

Continuing with our round of interviews from LeakyCon in Chicago, MuggleNet staff member and Alohomora! co-host Caleb Graves sits down with TIME Magazine book critic and author Lev Grossman. You can watch the full conversation in the video posted above.

Grossman has long written about the Harry Potter series for TIME, but he is also a fan himself. The interview features a discussion about the endurance of the series, his experience at conventions, and his own book series.

The Magicians and The Magician King are the first two books in Grossman’s trilogy, with the final book still to come. This series also features a magical school, called Brakebills, which is in some ways similar to Hogwarts, but also very unique. It’s a great read for Potter fans out there! You can read reviews of many books, including those by Lev Grossman, right here.