Recipe of the Week: Nimbus Treats

“As every school-age wizard knows, the fact that we fly on broomsticks is probably our worst-kept secret. No Muggle illustration of a Quidditch is complete without a broom and however ludicrous these drawings are (for none of the broomsticks depicted by muggle would stay up in the air for a moment), they remind us that we were faceless for far too many centuries to be surprised that broomsticks and magic are inextricably linked in the Muggle mind.” – QTtA

Brooms are very important throughout the entire Potter series; whether it be to determine Harry’s fate as a Seeker or to help Harry complete the first task in the Triwizard Tournament. The broom is an icon within the series. This tasty snack, sent in by Gloria, is not only a tribute to all the Nimbus broomsticks out there but is also healthy!

Madam Rosmerta is happy to add this unique recipe to her growing recipe box. Do you have your own Potter recipe? Perhaps a treat from Weasley Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snackboxes or how about one of Mrs. Weasley’s recipes? Be sure to read the guidelines and send in your recipe!