Write for MuggleNet!

For years, MuggleNet.com has been providing Harry Potter fans all over the world with interesting tidbits from the series we’ve found, in-depth theories we’ve crafted, and controversial opinions we’ve had regarding major news stories about fandom.

Recently, however, much of our content hasn’t been written by MuggleNet staff, but by fans.

These days there are TONS of ways to contribute original content to the site, and there will be many more opportunities in the future. For now, here are some sections looking for new writers:

Level 9: A section acting as MuggleNet’s own Department of Mysteries, fans and site staff work together to solve the deepest magical phenomena of the Harry Potter series.

MuggleNet Editorials: The editorials section is looking for writers who want to critique either the books or the fandom, in an article between 500-2000 words. Select essays will be featured right here on the main page, once a week!

For both of these sections, you can self publish pieces about the book series in our new Alohomora! section, right here, or send them in an email to mugglenetessays@gmail.com.

At this time we’d like to thank all of our current content bloggers on the site, Irvin K, wiseoldbaker, Ali Wood, Hippogriff, LumosNight3, and Killey2011.