J.K. Rowling to appear on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” tonight at 11:00 EDT

As part of her New York City tour promoting the release of her new book, The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling today visited comedian Jon Stewart on his Comedy Central program, “The Daily Show.” Stewart is a long-time fan of Rowling and the Harry Potter books; the above photo captures Stewart in Honeydukes when he visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year with his family.

Considering both Rowling and Stewart touch on political satire in their writing, and that those themes are especially present in The Casual Vacancy, we at MuggleNet anticipate this will be a very interesting interview.

The program will air tonight at 11:00 EDT. MuggleNet will post a video of the interview as soon as it’s available, and let you know beforehand if any Potter-related info is revealed.