J.K. Rowling’s husband gave her confidence to write ‘The Casual Vacancy’

We got a hint of this sentiment at the David H. Koch theatre event a little while ago in New York City with Ann Patchett, but at the Scottish promotion event for her new book last night J.K. Rowling once again intimated that The Casual Vacancy would not have been written without the support of her husband.

She explained to an audience at the Lennoxlove Book Festival that when she originally explained the concept of the book to “a couple of people…if I had gone by the look on their faces, the book would never have been written.

“It is the mark of either how much my husband loves me or how right I was to marry that man,” she continued, “but he was the only person who, when I told him my idea, said: ‘Yes, that sounds good’.

In the Scottish interview, Rowling revealed even more as questions touched on the adult language, her favorite characters to write, and sexuality in the book.

Thanks to the Scotsman for the story!