MuggleNet Reviews “The Casual Vacancy” – Part 1 (Spoiler Free)

Have you read The Casual Vacancy yet? Ever since J.K. Rowling’s new book was released this past September, the book has received mixed reviews from news organizations and Harry Potter fans alike for its controversial language, themes, and unique narrative structure.

Having read and analyzed the novel, the staff of MuggleNet would now like to contribute to this discourse and share our own takes from the book with you.

Since the following MuggleNet reviews touch on the adult themes of The Casual Vacancy, these reviews are for mature audiences only.

Our resident controversial editorialist in The Three Broomsticks, hpboy13, found something lacking in Rowling’s new book and subsequently wrote his critique piece, “The Quality Vacancy.”

Having a more positive experience with the novel, MuggleNet staff member Caleb Graves also wrote a review, in which he praised Rowling’s new writing style and skill of introducing many characters quickly.

How did you like the book? If you would like to post your own review of The Casual Vacancy on MuggleNet, send an email to, and it might make Part 2 of our MuggleNet review news post!