Western Department of English and Writing Studies offers “Harry Potter” based class

An article was recently written for The Gazette, a Canadian student newspaper, discussing the impact of a Harry Potter course offered at the Western University. The decision made by Western’s Department of English and Writing Studies (DEWS) was of course met by enthusiasm from the students. The decision was made for a few reasons:

Firstly, it made perfect sense to offer the course because the DEWS has offered several Children’s Literature courses in the past, so why not Harry Potter as well?

Secondly, it’s hard to ignore the Potter franchise and how complex it is regarding the book industry. This series has definitely made an impact on the world.

And finally, the demand. Students have shown their desire to learn more about the books through conversation and email. Not just a couple of the books, but all of them.

Many universities are now offering Potter classes for those students who just can’t get enough of the books. But many argue there is academic and literary merit to the series that cannot be ignored, making them ideal to study in the classroom. What do you think? Do the books deserve their own class? Does your school offer any Potter courses? Let us know!

Thanks to Josee L. for the tip!