“Harry Potter” first editions stolen from charity shop

Tuesday afternoon three Harry Potter first editions were stolen from the Isle of Wight charity shop Feather Friends Rescue. The thieves made off with two first editions of Prisoner of Azkaban, each valued at 154 GBP, and one first edition of Deathly Hallows, valued at 250 GBP. Other valuable books were also stolen from the shop.

The Feather Friends Rescue cares for injured and unwanted birds. Sam Morley, owner of the charity shop, says of the theft:

I just think they are the most low-life people. To steal from a charity shop, from volunteers who give their time to help animals. Those books were donated by a lady from Totland to help us build an aviary for parrots.

A reward is being offered for information leading to a conviction.

Thanks to Cory of LaGazette for the tip, and you can read the Isle of Wight County Press report here.

Jessica J.

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