Even after six years, “Deathly Hallows” remains Amazon UK’s fastest selling product of all time!

In honor of their fifteenth anniversary, Amazon UK released a series of lists charting their best-selling products of the past decade and a half. Topping the list for fastest selling product of all time is none other than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Even after six years, the release of the final installment in the Harry Potter series remains a cultural phenomenon for which anticipation was unparalleled, especially in J.K. Rowling’s native UK.

The boy wizard also claimed other spots on Amazon’s fifteenth anniversary lists, including No. 2 in the category of Bestselling DVDs, losing to Mamma Mia of all things, and placing No. 1 in the category of fastest selling DVDs for Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Surprisingly, Deathly Hallows was all the way back at No. 10 on the list of Bestselling Books, although this certainly could have been because many of Harry’s biggest fans opted to attend midnight release parties rather than buy the book online.

Amazon has said in a statement,

The products paint a picture of the UK’s cultural consumption over the past fifteen years and shows we’re a nation that loves Adele, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Mamma Mia!’, as well as Rage Against the Machine and ‘Call of Duty’.

It will be interesting to see if Harry Potter manages to hold any of its positions for the next fifteen years!

Jessica J.

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