J.K. Rowling talks Lumos in new interview

You could say that J.K. Rowling wears many hats, most notably as a writer but also as a mother of three and founder of the charity Lumos. In a brand new interview with Geordie Greig, J.K. Rowling discusses each of these hats and how they relate to one another.

The main focus of the interview is Lumos, which “works in partnership with governments, professionals and carers, communities, families and children to transform outdated systems that drive families apart” and the incredible work it is doing in countries around the world.

In Europe’s poorest country, Moldova, the number of children living in institutions has dropped by a whopping 63 percent because of Lumos‘s work, in addition to helping close one third of “workhouse” institutions.

J.K. Rowling says, “We have named the charity after the life-giving spell in Harry Potter, and I am comfortable with that.

She also shares heart-wrenching stories from her travels to countries, including the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova, to see Lumos’s work firsthand.

J.K. Rowling compares these situations to the very rough financial times she faced pre-Potter and the worries she felt even once the money began to come in, stating, “I was terrified of pressing the wrong button and losing everything and having to look my daughter in the face and say, ‘We briefly had a house, and now through a stupid error…‘ ”

To learn more about the amazing changes Lumos is making, be sure to visit their website. We look forward to hearing about Lumos‘s further progress toward this worthy cause.