Natalia Tena to star in supernatural thriller “Residue”

Not too long ago, we reported on the fact that Natalia Tena’s band, Molotov Jukebox, would have to delay its scheduled tour due to an acting role that Tena simply had to take.

Principal photography began today for Alex Garcia’s upcoming paranormal thriller, Residue. The film features an ensemble cast of eight characters “caught up in the aftermath of a freak explosion at the heart of a sprawling, futuristic city.”

The movie’s production synopsis reports that the film focuses on

renowned photojournalist Jennifer Preston, investigating the aftermath of a freak explosion of unknown origin at the center of her hedonistic city. Known simply as ‘the Catastrophe’, this shocking tragedy has left behind a festering wound on the city’s psyche: a several square mile Quarantine Zone (known at the QZ) of evacuated buildings and abandoned streets. Nobody in, nobody out!

With unexplained and increasingly bizarre acts of violence happening across the city, Jennifer begins to see strange phantoms in her photographs. She soon becomes obsessed with the idea that a paranormal phenomenon has been unleashed. Jennifer’s investigations become a race against time to uncover the truth before her career, and eventually her own life, are in danger…

The cast includes a few familiar names, such as Iwan Rheon of Misfits and Game of Thrones fame, but most noticeably Natalia Tena. While there is still no official word on her character, might this be the mysterious role that Tena delayed her band’s tour for?

We’ll keep you updated as more information is released!