Children and parents still love Harry and J.K. Rowling

The evidence is ever-growing that the Harry Potter series has become a steadfast classic among children’s literature, as most recently proven in this most recent survey.

This poll included questions for both parents and their children, asking parents who their child’s favourite author is, and children to choose their favourite literary character.

After quizzing 585 UK parents, their responses placed J.K. Rowling at the top, with 9% of votes, in front of Enid Blyton (6.7%) and Roald Dahl (6%). Among children, Harry Potter far surpassed his competition at 10% of votes, with the Gruffalo coming in second at 2.1%.

The survey was taken in anticipation for World Book Day, which was March 6. If you are looking to celebrate World Book Day with a child, you can check out some Potter inspired wear for the youngsters here!

Did any of the survey’s results surprise you? How are you planning on celebrating this most important day of literature?