Diagon Alley to open mid-June, according to Loews Hotels Chairman, plus first-look video inside Gringotts Bank

We have some incredibly exciting news for everyone!  In an interview with Fox Business, the chairman of Loews Hotels, Jonathan Tisch, let slip the approximate opening date of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando!

According to Tisch, the park is set to open mid-June, in line with the grand opening of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  He is quoted saying,

… it is the largest hotel to be built in the world outside China.  Phase one opened, 600 rooms about a month ago; the rest will open when Harry Potter II opens in mid-June

While we don’t have an exact date just yet, it is exciting to hear that the opening date is in just about a month!  Check out the video with the rest of the interview and to hear more about the new additions to the park:

In addition, the Universal Studios YouTube page has released an exciting first look into Gringotts Bank at Diagon Alley featuring everyone’s favorite Gringotts employees… the goblins!

We recently announced a contest from the Today Show to win a trip to the grand opening of the park, where we saw some interior shots of Gringotts. Find out more about the contest in the video below:

In the new Gringotts video, we can see some exciting shots of the main hall of Gringotts Bank, as well as some animatronic goblins working diligently at their desks, waiting for visitors to step inside.  Near the end, you can even hear one of them speak!

Check out the video below:

It looks like Universal Studios has done another fantastic job at recreating one of the most iconic buildings in the Harry Potter world for fans to visit.  We are incredibly excited to announce this fantastic news!  Are you going to start making vacation plans now?  Does this sneak peek make you even more exciting for the opening of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando?  Which of the shops are you most excited to visit?