2014 Quidditch World Cup quarter-finals begin June 4 with Brazil vs. Wales

According to the Pottermore Insider, the Quidditch World Cup Quarter-Finals will begin this week with Brazil vs. Wales on Wednesday, June 4.

The first round of the quarter-finals were decided last week when Germany suffered a disappointing defeat after their Seeker, Thorston Pfeffer, failed at his attempt at a Wronski Feint.

The Wronksi Feint is a dangerous move whereby the Seeker pretends to have spotted the Snitch and performs a vertical dive, attempting to lure his or her counterpart into imitating them, pulling out at the last moment and leaving their opponent to crash.

Pfeffer was unsuccessful in his attempt at the Wronski Feint, however, and ended up crashing into the ground himself at an estimated sixty miles per hour.

Healers flooded the pitch, and Skelegro was administered at the scene.

Soon after the incident, the Welsh Seeker, Erurig Cadwallader, caught the Snitch, seizing victory for Wales.  It was reported however, that

… neither players nor crowd were in a celebratory mood, and only once she heard that Pfeffer would survive did manager Gwenog Jones pronounce herself to be ‘bloody delighted.’

You can read more from the match on May 22 here on Pottermore!  Due to the Welsh victory over Germany, the team will now face off against Brazil in the quarter-finals.

Spectators at the Patagonian Desert are sure to be both excited and nervous about the upcoming match, after rival managers Gwenog Jones and José Barboza clashed during the early days of the tournament.

The scheduled dates for the other three quarter final matches are as follows:

  • Friday, June 6: Bulgaria vs. Norway
  • Sunday, June 8: USA vs. Liechtenstein
  • Tuesday, June 10: Japan vs. Nigeria

If you head over to the Pottermore Insider, you can download and print your own “Route to the Final” wall chart and make your predictions as to who will win the 2014 Quidditch World Cup!