How we reacted to the new Diagon Alley park opening (with Selfies)

Today is a day for celebrating in the Harry Potter world: The new Diagon Alley park at Universal Orlando Resort opens up, AND J.K. Rowling has released new Potter writings over on Pottermore.

But it’s that first bit – the new Diagon Alley park – that we’ve been pretty pumped about for a long time. We recently attended a special media preview event of the park, but now Diagon Alley is open to everyone!

Here at MuggleNet, we are just as excited about making the journey down to Diagon Alley as you are. We can’t wait to shop at Ollivanders and Flourish and Blotts, grab a bite to eat at the Leaky Cauldron, and enjoy a cool snack at Florean Fortescue’s with you all. This is why, in a recent MuggleNet staff discussion, we couldn’t hold back our glee about the new park. We thought we would share with you all an inside look of just how nerdy we all actually are.

It all started when Rachel, one of our news writers, posted the following picture and caption:

OMG! Diagon Alley! That is all.









The Gringotts dragon is definitely one of the most awesome things about Diagon Alley. Just the picture gets us so pumped up and giddy that we couldn’t respond with just words.

Kat, our Creative & Marketing Director, started the chain with her look back from the media preview event.

I totally get what you mean.










This made me think of a very relevant selfie I took at that same media preview event.

Yeah, I mean, I was all like











One of our social media managers, Kristen, added her own stoked selfie from inside the park.

And then I was like











Not all of us have been able to hit up the park, yet, but we are still very excited to do just that. Take Shannen, from our social media team, for instance.

I’m just










Oh, and how could we forget this guy? He’s not on our staff, but like, maybe he should be, with a pose like this.








So just like you, we’re very excited about Diagon Alley opening up today. Even when talking among ourselves, we get a little carried away.

If you’re visiting the park today or soon, share your selfies and pictures with us! Tweet at us @MuggleNet!