Japan and USA battle for third place in World Cup

It was Japan vs. USA in the battle for third place in the Quidditch World Cup. Ginny Potter reported from the Patagonian Desert on the short but brutal match.

All fourteen players in this third place play-off can hold their heads high tonight, though for some – notably American Chaser Arsenia Gonzales, who took two Bludgers to the face in the 34th minute – it will be extremely painful.

While the USA had a strong start, scoring twelve times against Japan, ultimately the match was decided when Japanese Seeker Noriko Sato managed to catch the Snitch in an exciting chase around the pitch.

For more details on the rivoting match, head over to Pottermore and read Ginny’s full report! In case you missed it, there was also a new report from Rita Skeeter about some very special attendees at the World Cup this past week; check it out here!

The next match, between Brazil and Bulgaria, will be this Friday, July 11. Keep checking back for updates!

Whom are you rooting for out of the remaining teams?