Hogwarts Professors Showcase “Piertotum Locomotor” #ExpoPatronum

The end of the first day here in the Room of Requirement is coming to a close, but the torches have been lit, and the convention’s momentum shows no signs of stopping. The Weasley booth has had a line wrapped around it since this morning, with a sign posted at the end of it saying, “3 HOURS FROM THIS POINT.” Honeydukes has been pretty busy as well. There was also a House trivia contest earlier (which Mrs. Hermione Weasley won… not surprised, really), although not many knew much about Hufflepuff.

To update those of you who care, Zacharias Smith suffered only minor injuries due to the trick wand turned woodpecker, but the canary form of Percy Weasley is having a rougher go of things. George just left Angelina in charge of the Weasley booth as he and the Potters currently chase around their children, who are targeting the yellow bird with Fanged Flyers (Hogwarts staff allowed the sale of these items for the convention only, provided they were bought and handled by those who were of age). James and Fred came close, quite a few times, to chopping the end of Percy’s tail feathers off.

George: “Oi! What’s the matter with you? The idea was to annoy your uncle, not kill him.”

Fred: (Snickering.) “Dad, we’re not even aiming for him. Just having some fun.”

James: “Come on, Uncle George. Lighten—” (He runs right into Ginny and gulps.)

Ginny: “That’s quite enough. George, how much longer is this going to last?”

George: “Should wear off any minute.”

(There is a puff of smoke, and Percy, the human, appears once more, extremely disheveled. His face is red.)

Percy: “And you wonder why I never came around more often?”

Ginny: “Give it a rest, Perce. The kids were out of line, but you kind of brought this on yourself.”

(Percy storms off. Out of the corner of her eye, Ginny can see George high-fiving Fred, Roxanne, Albus, James, and Lily. She couldn’t help but smirk herself.)

Harry: (Turning to his kids.) “Your mother and I will discuss your punishment later.” (He winks at them. All the children run off. George and the Potters walk off in conversation.)

I knew I liked those kids… uh, as I was saying, it may be dark, but the convention is still in full swing. Professors Flitwick and McGonagall are walking to the front of the room as I’m speaking. You all at home are going to wish you were here. They will be showcasing a very interesting spell that was used in the Battle of Hogwarts. You’ll recognize it by its incantation, Piertotum Locomotor. Although I was quite young at the time, I heard recollections from eyewitnesses who were present. The statues and suits of armor came to life and rushed to Hogwarts’s defense. It must have been something to behold.

Flitwick: “Thank you all for coming!” (He squeaked a bit.) “Minerva and I, after numerous requests, will be demonstrating Piertotum Locomotor in a unique sort of wizard’s duel.”

(The two marble statues on the ground in front of them transform into two suits of armor as they flick their wands. The crowd exudes anxious murmurs.)

McGonagall: “Please maintain a safe distance.” (The crowd slowly retreats, curious.)

(Together, Flitwick and McGonagall shout “Piertotum Locomotor!” and the suits of armor take up a defensive stance, weapons pointed at one another. With Flitwick and McGonagall displaying beautiful wandwork, the suits of armor fight one another, metal clanging every time they make contact. For ten minutes there is nothing but the sounds of clashing weaponry and the silence of a transfixed crowd. Suddenly, McGonagall’s warrior decapitates its opponent. Flitwick’s champion clatters to the ground. The room erupts with cheering and wolf-whistling.)

Flitwick: (Bows to McGonagall.) “You are still the best practitioner of that spell, my dear.” (McGonagall smiles at him.) “Please, everyone, enjoy the rest of the evening.” (The crowd disperses.)

That was wickedly impressive! Age seems to do nothing but advance the skills of these two Hogwarts professors. I’ve got to learn to perform that spell. To my Daily Prophet readers, I bid you a fond farewell. I’m going to go enjoy the rest of the night, but Scribble and I will be returning bright and early to tomorrow morning to bring you more continuing coverage of Dumbledore’s Army Live! 2015: Expo Patronum. Swish and flick!

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