Madam Rosmerta’s Featured Recipe: House Sorting Cupcakes

As the Worldwide Harry Potter Book Night gets ready to kick off with fans both old and new, bundled up in layers to brave the cold or lucky enough to enjoy the warmth, they tend to forget one crucial thing. It’s well enough that you would prepare for the festivities armed with the books (of course), a Hogwarts House scarf or even our own ridiculously complicated GNOMEs to challenge your friends who claim they’re the “biggest Potter fans ever!”. But what about the food? There’s zero chance of attracting the masses if you’re planning an event or alternatively, little point in going to one if there’s not something to nosh on that ties in wonderfully to the series.

With this in mind, we might have one possible solution: these tasty House Sorting Cupcakes. Tina of Sugar Bean Bakers has been a fan of the series for almost eighteen years. She knew that any desserts for this event would need a fun factor that caters to the anticipation and excitement from reading the first book for the very first time!  And as we recall, few moments evoked such a sensation as the initial Sorting for first years at Hogwarts.

At a glance, these might appear as just Vanilla Buttercream topped cupcakes. However, the kick comes when you bite into them and are greeted with a colorful and bright surprise that corresponds with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. And although many of us have already been Sorted via Pottermore this is a great on-the-fly method for newcomers present at the Book Night. As Tina says:

It’s a simple, but fun, and delicious way to get sorted into your House. Fun for a night of reading, watching, or a great way to sort into houses at a Harry Potter party!”

We can’t wait to begin organizing our own batches, particularly as an edible method to Sort guests during team activities hosted throughout the night. So go get your flour, butter, confectioners’ sugar, and coloring dye, start baking using the full recipe for this in our Madam Rosmerta’s recipe section and meet up with your nearest Book Night party. After all, everyone loves the person that brings the grub. And who knows, maybe you will find yourself in a different House after all.


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