Official trailer for Gary Oldman’s Soviet-era thriller, “Child 44”

The suspenseful first trailer has been released for Child 44, starring Gary Oldman (Sirius Black). It was back in March 2013 when we first heard about Oldman’s role in the film, an adaptation of the first book in a politically charged trilogy by British author Tom Rob Smith.

The story takes place in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. Secret police agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) has been disgraced for refusing to name his wife (Noomi Rapace) a traitor. While exiled to a provincial outpost, he begins investigating a series of child murders. But as the investigation goes on, the chief of police (Gary Oldman) begins to suspect Demidov himself of treason.

Check out the thrilling trailer below:

Also take a look at the propaganda-style poster:


Child 44 is directed by Daniel Espinosa and produced by Ridley Scott. It will be released April 17 in both the US and UK.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to seeing Child 44?

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