The return of Gilderoy Lockhart?

Occasionally, the stars of the Potter series will be asked about their time in the magical world while being interviewed for other projects they are involved in. This has especially been true as speculation has been flying about who could make an appearance in the new Fantastic Beasts series. The most recent cast member to be asked this question was none other than Gilderoy Lockhart himself, Kenneth Branagh, in an interview for his soon-to-be-released film, Cinderella. In the interview, Branagh said,

They’d have to lock me out of the studio if there’s even a chance for that…Now the world of CGI is so helpful, I could be exactly the same age or younger! Which is a very Gilderoy Lockhart kind of thing; I think he’d prefer that

Though it would seem that the chances of having Lockhart in a film set in the 1920s would be slim, it’s still always nice to think about which members of the cast could potentially make an appearance!

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Alison Siggard

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