Happy Birthday, Kat Miller!

Today, the MuggleNet staff is celebrating a very magical day — the birthday of our very own Creative & Marketing Director, Kat Miller! Without her, MuggleNet wouldn’t be nearly as fun, nor would Alohomora! have one of its hosts/co-creators.


While we really should get in the habit of thanking you daily for everything that you do, Kat, here are some birthday wishes from the MuggleNet staff to you:

From Keith Hawk (Managing Editor):

The two of us make a pretty good pair on MuggleNetHappy [b]irthday, my partner and my friend!

From Claire Furner (Senior UK Marketing Manager):

To a fabulous colleague and friend, have the best birthday, fittingly, in the Wizarding World! X

From Eric Scull (Senior Contributing Editor), who adds that this is “a Florida joke”:

Happy [b]irthday, Mrs. Scull!

From Felicia Grady (Senior Copy Editor):

Happy birthday, Kat! Hope you’re having a wonderful day and have a great year with lovely new experiences. I first got to know you through transcribing for Alohomora! three years ago. And just think… a year from now, that journey will be complete!

From Amy Lüder (Journalist):

Happy [b]irthday, Kat!! Toby is working on mastering his swish and flick to get that pudding to you!

From Catherine Lai (Journalist):

Happy birthday to the best Creative & Marketing Director we could ask for! Thanks for always keeping MuggleNet running smoothly!

From Mary Wojcicki (Journalist & Fan Interaction):

Happy birthday, Kat! I hope you have a fantastic day… no movie-related pun intended!

From Sophie Reid (Journalist):

Happy [b]irthday, Kat – thank you for everything you do; you’re totally awesome

From Toni Cooper (Journalist):

Happy birthday, Kat; hope you have a truly amazing, Pottertastic day. [Y]ou very much deserve it!! Enjoy!

From Sierra Davenport (Social Media Manager – Facebook & Instagram):

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Kat! MUAH!!

From Ariel Taranski (Creative Social Media):

Happy birthday, Kat! I’ve only been part of the MuggleNet team for a short while, but you’ve already shown me how awesome, sweet, and funny you can be! You deserve a birthday as amazing as you are!

From Ashley Craig (Creative Social Media):

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAT! MuggleNet would be a hot mess without you, lol.

From Megan Kelly (Creative Social Media):

Happy birthday, Kat!! Thanks for being such an awesome, dedicated, inspiring person!

From Elayna Mae Darcy (Social Media – Facebook):

No words can really sum up how grateful I am to not only get to work with you but [also] that you’ve become someone I can call a friend. Your never[-]ending supply of confidence, well wishes and happy thoughts for those around you is always so encouraging, and it’s part of what makes working for MuggleNet the best job I’ve ever had. You’re the kind of person [whom] people feel blessed to know, and you literally bring magic to every life you touch. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear, and may your year be filled with extraordinary things. You deserve it!

From Shannen Michaelsen (Social Media – Tumblr):

Happy birthday, Kat! You make Ravenclaw proud!

From Caitlin Hart (Editorials):

Happy birthday, Kat! You are amazing, and you deserve a great year!

From Amy Hogan (Creative):

Happy birthday, Kat (the Boromir to our Fellowship. Minus the whole dying thing…). Thank you for keeping us all in line and keeping MuggleNet running smoothly!! – Pippin

So, kick back, relax, and grab yourself some butterbeer ice cream, Kat. You deserve it!

Mary W.

I am a Slytherin, a lifelong fan of Harry Potter, and a member of MuggleNet staff since 2014. In my Muggle life, I am passionate about human rights, and I love to travel around the world and meet new people.