Review: Fathead “Harry Potter” Movie Poster Collection Wall Decals

There are so many wonderful things about working for MuggleNet – meeting friends who love the books and films as much as you do, debates about what is considered canon and what isn’t, meeting fans at conventions, and even getting a chance to rub elbows with a Potter star or two.

One of the most tangible benefits is the opportunity to see all the greatest Potter-themed merch in person. Such an opportunity arose last month when Fathead announced a giveaway to one lucky MuggleNet fan – their choice of one item in the Harry Potter collection of wall decals! In addition to a wonderful freebie for a fan, the company provided us with a product for review.

I consider myself a Potter Purist, and while there were many items to choose from that I could review, I opted for the classic Harry Potter original movie poster collection decals. Featured in this collection were all eight movie posters, four house crest decals (one for each house), the Hogwarts school sigil decal, a decal with the Harry Potter logo, a Hogwarts Castle at night decal, and a Fathead logo.

The friendly staff at Fathead assured us the package would arrive mid-June, and when it did, I nearly knocked myself out trying to get the close-to-five-foot triangular shipping package open.

Along with the decals, which came affixed to a single sheet of backing that could have covered my entire queen-sized bed like a quilt, Fathead sent an invoice that included instructions on how to prep my wall and a tool to help smooth away any bubbles under the decal as it was being placed to the surface of my choosing.

The instructions were very simple – but they have a great video for installation, which you can see here:

I was a little too excited when I pulled the first poster from the backing but luckily, nothing ripped. The decal itself is made of a thick high-grade vinyl, so when I placed it on the wall for the first time and ran the yellow squeegee across the poster to make those pesky bubbles disappear, not a scratch was to be found!

So far, I had three of eight posters up, which you can see below. I placed them around my desk, where I do all of my writing for MuggleNet, and wouldn’t you know it? These wonderful decals help kick my creativity into gear!

Fathead decal 9

Another great thing about the decals, if you don’t like where or how you’ve placed them, you can remove them from their current position and replace them where you want! If you decide you want to take them down for a time, you can also return them to the backing provided by Fathead and store them in the original packaging.

The instructions and video specifically mention that they should not be placed on textured surfaces, but unfortunately, my apartment is nothing but textured walls. I was able to get all of the posters up with no problems and it was easy to remove air bubbles from underneath. That being said, try to follow their instructions to the letter as they developed them with longevity of the poster in mind for your enjoyment when they created the instructions.

I also found that the easiest way to install the decals was to use my hand rather then the squeegee that was provided, but that may be because my decals were posters rather than a person’s image, which may require a bit more smoothing than just a straight poster. The first five posters were a bit difficult because of the area I had chosen to place them, behind my desk. However, the last three posters I tried simply finding the place I wanted them to be, lining it up, and then used my hand to spread from the middle of the poster to the edges, and I didn’t have ANY air bubbles and also did not need to remove and re-stick.

Here is the final result of all posters and house sigils that are now up in my writing and office area. I love them! Thank you SO MUCH to the friendly folks over at Fathead for providing a review set of decals for us!

Which Fathead Harry Potter wall decal would you want and why? Tell us in the comments below!