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  1. Jess says:

    Gutted. I’m 14 and i really would’ve loved to have done this

  2. Jade says:

    2 years to old ;-;

  3. BiihIsMe says:

    I am 12 and I would love to go, but I’m really far away, in Portugal. I’m sure I cannot go… :'(

    • Lottie says:

      We’re in the same boat, you and I. I’m 12 too but I’m too far away. I wish I lived in London. *sigh* Let’s just listen to sad songs and mourn. Or let;s badger our parents to take us to London?

      • BiihIsMe says:

        Yeah, I’m gonna do that. But I know is never gonna work out. I’m gonna cry and… cry.

        • Joana says:

          Tambem sou de Portugal e lembro me q quando anunciaram o Fantastic Beasts eu implorei aos meus pais q me deixavam ir a londres se houvesse um open casting call. Eles deixaram me. Infelizmente já tenho 15 anos e parece q tenho 18. Se parecesse mais nova ia na mesma

  4. Lottie says:

    I’m soo sad. I’m 12!!! But I’m in the UAE? WHY WHY WHY? 🙁 🙁 Good luck to whoever is going!

  5. Kate A says:

    Some are not able to attend some are way older, like me. They are 11 Years too late. 🙁

  6. Katie says:

    Say, what would they do if you just try it as an older person, looking quite young? Would they immediately throw you out? Since I’ve heard of actresses being casted as a very young character though older than the wanted age. There could be a tiny chance, isn’t there?

    • hpforever says:

      No they would find out and throw you out, I’m 15 and I look about 10 but I asked my agent and he said they’d find out and kick you off. 🙁

  7. CharlesLH says:

    I got my hopes up when I read this headline. I’m male, fifteen, and an entire ocean away from London. Sigh.

  8. Zoe says:

    I would love to go and witness this extraordinary opportunity, being I would be rather good for the roll, but unfortunately I am unable due to the fact I live in the US and my passport has expired since.

  9. My Little witch Ella . I get told on the daily by strangers that she looks right through them. Plus , she’s knows every HP spell . Young though, will only be 5 in 2016.

  10. Nicole H says:

    I’m 14 and from Peru… very, very far away from London 🙁

  11. flo says:

    I’m 13 but look look much more like a 12 year old

  12. HP5ever says:

    I’m 15, but everyone says I look 11:) got so excited when read the headline, but very sad when I read the appropriate age?

  13. Silver The Dragon says:

    I am 13 but smaller than almost all the 11 and 12 year olds I know I think I’m going to go for it but do you think it will matter much? I have heard of older people playing younger parts like Arya Stark in Game of Thrones she’s 11 or something but is played by a 15 year old or something like that please tell me if you think it will be alright

    • HProx says:

      I’m sorry but they will ask for your date of birth; if you are 13 they will find out, it’s so annoying though as I’m too old for this role. I’m 13 as well but people say I look 10 and I asked my agent and he said that they will find out if your not in the right age limit 🙁

  14. Ashmita says:

    This would be a dream come true for me. Too bad that I’m too old and not in England 🙁

  15. Hermionee says:

    Darn, I have a deep understanding of people in general, but I’m too old for the part!

  16. Alessandra says:

    anyone knows if knowledge of the english language is required? My daughter is almost nine and would love to try… But she doesn’t speak english… Don’t want to do all the traveling and not be able to audition because of this…. Thank you for your suggestions…

    • Samantha says:

      Yes, I am 100% positive knowledge of the english language is required. (obviously)

  17. Lora Barenttt says:

    my daughter Savanna is going to be 10 next month and we just live 30 mins away from the venue so we will be there !! is there anything Savanna needs to prepare ? she has a monologue and a C.V ? GOOD LUCK SAVANNA FINGERS CROSSED XX

  18. Freya says:

    If you’re 13 and you want to audition, GO FOR IT! Because I mean if you are 13, you were 12 only a few months ago 😉 You don’t have anything to lose!

    • TyKaia Riley says:

      Freya is right because you dont exactly have to be 8-12, you just need to look like you’re 8-12.

      • yalay says:

        No you don’t, there will be no point in going if your older as it will be a waste of time, IF THERE’S A CRITERIA YOU HAVE TO STICK TO IT!

    • Samantha says:

      You do if your flying half-way across the world only to be rejected because of your age.

      • Freya says:

        Yes, if you live in London you should go! (don’t hop on a plane though just in case)

  19. Bella says:

    My sister is 12 years old and has loved every HP movie and book, so have i however i am 3 years too old. We live about 2 hours away by train, would that still be ok?

  20. Bella says:

    This my sister Kitty…

  21. Molly says:

    I’m 11 and so I will be there I live 1 1/2 hours away but I am still going. Sympathy to those who don’t fit the criteria!?

  22. Millie says:

    WIll a resume be needed? It’s only a children’s audition

  23. TyKaia Riley says:

    I hope it is okay to send an audition tape because I don’t live in London and my parents don’t believe in me enough to drop everything and go to London. Plus, we’re moving. But I know that I can get this role!

    • Hermione says:

      It isn’t actually an audition, it’s an application process. The only thing happening on Saturday is you have to fill in a form and have a photo taken, so there is no point of sending in a tape as they won’t have anything to do with it. They will pick the girls they want from Saturday (supposedly just by looking at them) and start auditioning from there.

      • Millie says:

        What kind of form? Is it possible to write out one and send it with a photo?

      • davevanti says:

        My wife took our daughter there on Saturday and it WAS an audition. They went in groups of 10 and pulled a girl out of about every 15-20 groups to go and do a taped audition in another part of the building. One of the girls in our group of 10 was selected and we found out from them that this is what they did. All the girls who did tapes were pretty small, so I think the character is nearer 8 than 12….

      • Issy Southernwood says:

        Actually they go in groups of ten and have to say their name and their ideal Christmas present then they get a certificate

  24. Tasha Gilbey says:

    Hey! I look 10-12ish but I am 15, would I still be able to audition?? Thank you! XxX

    • voodooo says:

      No, you HAVE to stick with the criteria, my uncle is working on this film and THEY WILL FIND OUT IF YOU DON’T FIT THE CRITERIA!! Sorry! x

  25. Samantha says:

    Why can’t they do auditions around the world and then narrow it down so that you don’t throw away money traveling there when you’re never going to get the part. I live in Australia and Harry Potter is my life. I can tell you firsthand that it is the worst feeling to know that you can’t have a chance at your dreams because you live in the wrong place.

    • Luna Ravenclaw says:

      Samantha, I don’t live in the UK either so I am sending in an audition tape to the casting director Fiona Weir. You should too. Best of luck!

      • lila says:

        how did you do ???

      • HiyaHarry says:

        YOU HAVE TO LIV EIN THE UK!! You have to be able for filming between August and January next year, sending in a tape is pointless as it will be thrown away as you have to live in the UK!!

      • Samantha says:

        How would I do that (this is a genuine question and I swear I’m not being snobby)

      • Issy Southernwood says:

        That won’t work, they’ll throw it away and plus it voice doesn’t sound the same of tape..

  26. Dave says:

    I’m not in the criteria, but do you think I could audition too? I’m a 40 year old man.

  27. Arantxa says:

    Does anyone have Fiona Wier’s contact information?

  28. Tabitha says:

    If I want to send an audition to Warner Bros, I know they will probably ignore it but what should it include? A headshot and a resume? Somebody reply please.

    • Molly says:

      There is NO POINT!! It will be thrown away and people will ignore it, it’s heart reaking as I can’t go but there is NO POINT IN SENDING IN A TAPE!! IF THEY WANTED A TAPE THEY WOULD ASK!!

      • Tabitha says:

        It’s for my little sister. She would have LOVED to go but our parents said no, and now it’s too late… :'(

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