Today’s JKR Twitter Easter Eggs

Any day that a Potter fan can check Twitter and find a slew of tweets from J.K. Rowling is a good day. Her recent trend of answering fan questions, dispelling rumors, and offering new information has been a delightful gift to all of her followers. But some days, she tweets out greater offerings, and today was one of those days!

And the offerings were on a variety of subjects as well! She started by addressing some fan speculation of who the cursed child of the new stage play could be. Unfortunately, it’s not Tom Riddle:

However, she did (basically? maybe? kind of?) confirm that we do know the name of the cursed child!

She also gave us a tidbit about Hagrid’s magical ability:

And then continued on to address one of her favorite fan theories:

Incidentally, this very theory was mentioned on the upcoming episode of Alohomora!

Finally, Jo went on to discuss something she has said on Pottermore confuses her about the fandom, in response to the wonderful Tom Felton:

From all of us fans, we offer a huge THANK YOU to Jo for tweets like these that are delightful and bring us greater insight into the ever expanding world of Harry Potter.

What’s your favorite thing to come from JKR’s tweets? Let us know in the comments!