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  1. CharmStone127 says:

    Recognized Porphyria’s lover as soon as the narrator strangled her, thanks GCSE English! Enjoying these short stories 🙂

  2. Sebastian says:

    Wait, so what happens at the end, exactly?

  3. Bails says:

    This was a great read! *which did not help Slytherin House’s reputation at all, why would you do that, why can’t you make someone else do the Bad Thing for a change, have a Hufflepuff do it and shock the socks off of everybody who think’s they’re so innocent -_-*

    • Eleanor says:

      lol bc water’s kind of a Slytherin thing :/ I did think about doing that.. but the Slytherin dungeons are much better located – and I’m a Slytherin so I like writing about my house 😛 Thanks so much for your lovely comment!