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  1. Jul says:

    it’s a bit weird that you did not dare to do the article about the characters whose deaths you I Actually Honestly Didn’t Really Give a **** About.

    For me the death i did not give a **** about, among many others, was Dobby. I’ve never really seen why on earth were all people so emotional about it and why was it so big of a deal?? I understand that i’m really a cold person since i hate animals and children but yeah. I’m sorry for being annoying.

  2. Jasmine Lee says:

    1) luff your header image
    2) I totes volunteer for the “eat like Ron Weasley” one. Especially because Christmas is just ’round the corner, and I’ll probs be eating like him anyway.
    3) I want to steal your “ex-boyfriends & their Death Eater counterparts”, mainly because of that Lucius gif. I’m sure if we pooled our dating histories together, we’ll get at least a handful. Or, at the very least, we’ll do some awkward bonding.

  3. Iain Walker says:

    “I Tried To Teach My Children Respect, Humility and Tolerance Using Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy’s Parenting Methods and Here’s What Happened.”

  4. You should absolutely do No. 6! Irvin gets away with writing controversial editorials all the time (and I usually agree with him, haha).