“Harry Potter” Fans React to “Cursed Child” Casting of a New Trio

Within the past couple of hours, the upcoming theatrical portrayal of life beyond Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, announced its first set of casting news: Ron, Hermione, and Harry will be played by Paul Thornley, Noma Dumezweni, and Jamie Parker, respectively.

We at MuggleNet think that it’s enormously satisfying to see Hermione cast as a woman of color. Our favorite brainy Gryffindor will be portrayed by Noma Dumezweni, who recently addressed the matter of race when she took on the lead role in Linda. This, of course, is possibly the biggest shake-up in continuity since Emma Watson‘s portrayal of Hermione in the film franchise. In addition, some users were quick to point out that Paul Thornley is not a natural ginger and that Jamie Parker lacked Harry’s signature green eyes.

Apart from the fact that these small inconsistencies can be easily tweaked by the costume department (if they even see fit), we were curious to see what the fans initially made of all this…

There were those who applauded the announcements, particularly the selection of a black female lead.



While others were either confused or downright annoyed or confused with the casting.


As you can probably tell, the overwhelming majority is super hyped thus far. While they may not necessarily look like the previous trio as they appeared in the films, this play might be a welcome opportunity to reset the series in terms of how the characters are portrayed. We want to know – what did you all make of this announcement?

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