Oliver Phelps’s Hidden Talent: Serving!

If the acting doesn’t pan out, Oliver Phelps (George Weasley) can rest assured that he has a promising back-up career in food service! In the name of charity, Oliver recently took time out of his Christmas week to help raise money for Cure Leukaemia and the Professional Cricketers Association by waiting tables at a Coventry restaurant. Mrs. Weasley would be so proud!

Oliver’s go at serving was part of the Earlsdon eatery Street’s celebrity-filled charity night organized by cricketer Ian Westwood. Among those joining Oliver in serving meals that evening were cricketers Jim Troughton and Tim Ambrose. A host of other sportsmen and entertainers made appearances, including celebrity interviews conducted by the event host, comedian Billy Bell, and a sampling of performances by singer Paul Roberts.

The food, served by a waitstaff composed exclusively of celebrities, included

sharing starters made up of Street’s most popular ‘little plates’ followed by a choice of curries, noodles and rice dishes and finished off with sharing dessert boards made of up Street’s most popular desserts.

Street ended up raising a total of £2,500 and a dining room full of smiles—but I believe we’d all tip generously if one of the Weasley twins were our server for the evening!