Seven Types of People You’ll Meet at A Celebration of Harry Potter

A Celebration of Harry Potter is taking place at the Universal Orlando theme parks January 29-31. Crowds at events such as these always have a few stand-out individuals. Here is a list of the types of people you can expect to see if you’re planning on going to the Wizarding World at the end of the month.




Those individuals who brought to life the characters we know and love will be on hand for Q&A and photo sessions.






Harry Potter fans have become notorious for their detailed costumes. It’s rather like the Quidditch World Cup. When we’re all in one place, we can’t resist showing off a little bit.





As Molly Weasley would say,“It’s the same every year, packed with Muggles, of course!” There always seem to be those Muggles who wander into Hogsmeade and have absolutely no idea what they are looking at. It’s not uncommon to be in line inside Hogwarts and hear a parent telling their kid to look at the “giant talking head” (a.k.a. the Sorting Hat).


The book purist



You know the ones. They are happy to be at a park that’s based off the films, but they’ll rip apart every film and pretend that they didn’t enjoy them at all… Secretly, we all know that they were at every midnight movie showing and own them all on DVD.


MuggleNet staffers





Did you think we would miss out on the fun? A large number of MuggleNet staffers are attending the event this year. Keep an eye out for us and come say hi!


The next generation


little Harry



Not to make anyone feel old, but the next Potter generation is currently being trained up, and they are likely to show up in huge quantities at the theme park.


Emotional fans



Visiting the theme park for the first time is emotional on its own. I’m not ashamed to admit that I teared up when I saw Hogwarts for the first time. With the dark cloud of Alan Rickman’s passing still looming over us, this celebration is bound to be more emotional than usual. There is a tribute to Alan’s life and career planned for January 29, and the weight of this loss is sure to be felt throughout the weekend.

Amy Hogan

I was 9 years old when I discovered the magic that is “Harry Potter.” I am a proud Hufflepuff and exceedingly good at eating, reading, being sarcastic, and over-thinking small tasks. Since I spent too much time worrying about the correct way to write this bio, this is all I was able to come up with before the deadline.