UPDATED: A Celebration of Harry Potter 2016 Dates Announced!

Exciting news – the dates for the third annual A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando have been announced! A Celebration of Harry Potter will once again take place next year on January 29-31, 2016.

Check out the new video posted by Universal Orlando below, which highlights many of the exciting things that took place at A Celebration of Harry Potter this year, featuring some familiar faces:

While we’re waiting to learn more about the event, you can catch up on videos and news from this year’s celebration here. Make sure you put the 2016 date on your calendar now – and as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to share it with you!

UPDATE – AUGUST 12, 2015:

Tickets for A Celebration of Harry Potter 2016 will go on sale on August 19, 2015, at 12 p.m. EST, it was announced today. There will be several different packages available, including the Premium Vacation Package, the Celebration Vacation Package, the Annual Passholder Celebration Package, as well as the Multi-Day Park-to-Park ticket, which includes access to the event and expo, as well as the parks.

Find out more details HERE about the different packages, how to book, and more – but you’ll have to be quick, there are only a limited number of tickets available for each package! Put August 19 on your calendars now!

Are you hoping on attending the celebration next year? Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments!

  • The Queen

    Cursed Child? Universal Party? I’m going to become so poor after trying to attend these events.

  • sandy

    Can not wait!! Looking forward to meeting up with all the friends I have made from the last 2 events!!

  • Alyssa Richards

    Anyone who has been to the Celebration, what more do you get verse the Harry Potter regular package? How was it? Also when it comes to the autographs, I hear people line up around 3 am, and the tickets were all distributed before the 7:30 designated time.

    • Arlene

      So I got the package this past event and I liked it and I hated it. I liked it because it includes a private Q&A session with the cast that only people with the package can attend, you get a private party at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade after the parks close and get unlimited EVERYTHING including a buffet of food, you get to go in the front area of all of the activities that are going on like other Q&A sessions, etc, you can cut the line to go to the Harry Potter Expo, breakfast at the Three Broomsticks and a special pin and stuffed owl. The thugs I didn’t like about it was the options for autographs and meet and greets. Instead of including autograph sessions as part of the package, they announced that a limited amount of tickets were up for grabs at 7am on 2 separate days and anyone can get them and they were first come first serve. So there were people lined up at the butt crack of dawn out side at City Walk to get the tickets. The bad part was that even if you were the first in line, you were still not gaurunteed a ticket because people were hiding in bushing and climbing and pushing people to try and get to the booth first because from the place that you got your tickets to where the line started was at least 20 yards or more so people ran for it like wild animals when the 7am hour hit. THEN the actors would make surprise appearances but would always go to the area on the opposite side of where the people that had the packages were. That happened to me on multiple occasions that weekend. I was so upset. The only time I had to push and shove for some autographs was at the end of the private Q&A session where they will sign for a couple minutes and then after the regular Q&A they will sign when they get off the stage but you have to stay put in a corner for a while hoping that they come. So I got 2 out of 4 autographs that weekend. My kids still want to do it again so we’ll see. A lot of people complained about the autograph sessions and how they went about that so hopefully this year they’ll change that.

      • Alyssa Richards

        Thanks Arlene!
        That’s what I heard about the autographs, and that would definitely be a big thing I would love to do. I believe the blog I read said pepole were lining up at 3am to be first in line. Hopefully they change it!
        Thanks for all the info! Pretty sure I am going, just waiting on tickets to be released! Would definitley like to make new Harry Potter friends!!

        • Arlene

          Not a problem at all. Y’s fun if you’re a definite Harry Potter fan which we are as well. You do meet tons of different people there. I forgot to mention that there are also additional autograph sessions with others that had to do with the film like I got autographs from Mina Lima, the people who made the signs and newspapers for the movies and the parks, I got the new Harry Potter books signed by the new Illistrator of the books and I got my sons wand autographed by the wand expert who helped in the movies so it is a lot fun regardless!! FYI, get the packages asap when they go on sale. I’m an annual pass holder and those packages sold out in a few days.

          • Alyssa Richards

            Thanks, I have never been to Universal Orlando, so I am looking forward to it! Since the announcement of this year’s dates, I have checked the website daily to see if they have the packages out yet. I plan on ordering as soon as I find out they are released. Unfortunately so far I will be on my own, but it seems that most everyone attending are friendly and willing to help.

          • Arlene

            Yes, keep looking. Last year, they went on sale towards the end of August. Pretty soon 🙂

    • blars82

      I saw that they announced more details. There’s a “Premium Vacation Package” that’s more expensive and has an exclusive autograph and photo session with film talent. I was there last year, and got lined up super early in the morning and still missed out on tickets. It was a huge, disorganized mess. People were running from 5 directions and there was no security. We didn’t even try for tickets the second day. Instead we slept in, got coffee, and relaxed by the pool. Much better decision. But it looks like they took the feedback seriously and have made some good changes for this year. I would like to know who the talent is before booking my trip, but seems worth it!

      • Alyssa Richards

        I DID SEE THAT!!! AHHH I am going to try for the premium package, its expensive, but you pay for the experience right? How many times in my life am I going to get to actually meet the actors (any of them)? Going to try to call in at noon, just hoping they dont sell out instantly.

        • blars82

          Good luck!

  • Kristina Midtvaage

    Do you need to buy special tickets to go to the celebration if you already have annual passes? Or can you just go with the tickets you have?

  • Ashley

    I’m debating on doing this..but what i’m reading the autographs are ridiculous and unorganized, so is it worth if that is your sole interest? (I say that because I hate crowds, but would be willing to brave them if meeting the actors was plausible).