Alfred Enoch Talks “How to Get Away with Murder”, Sorts Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Tonight is the long-awaited mid-season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder. Having just wrapped up filming for Season 2, Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter series) is about to head back to England, but not before making the press rounds to talk about what fans can expect on the show in the coming weeks.

The fall finale ended with Wes (Alfred) shooting Annalise (Viola Davis). He was about to kill Annalise but stopped when she whispered the mysterious name Christophe, leaving fans wondering.

Variety reports:

How is Annalise doing after being shot? Will she be out of commission for some time?

Obviously, Annalise was in kind of a critical state. She’s out of the game when we come back, so it creates an issue of how the other characters will go on without her and how that affects the running of the firm. People’s roles change as a result to make up for her absence, and when she gets back, she’s got more pressing things to do than the running of her firm. But as I’ve learned, she’s juggling, as well as all the other characters who are dealing with the different pressures in their lives.

What is Wes’s state when we return? Is he harboring feelings of guilt for shooting Annalise?

Yeah. It’s obviously a difficult situation to be in. He shot her to kill her, and there’s still an unresolved issue with Rebecca. He tried to kill someone very deliberately. That’s a heavy state of affairs. And then on top of that, there’s the whole mystery about his past and to what extent Annalise knows about that and what repercussions that has on their relationship.

In the midseason finale, a flashback was shown with Annalise and Eve (Famke Janssen) looking into an interrogation room at a young boy named Christophe, saying, ‘What did we do?’ Will we find out what that means?

Absolutely. That storyline gets fully explored this season. People will come to understand what Eve is talking about and how it all links together.

You can read the full interview here.

Meanwhile, which Houses does Alfred think Wes and his fellow How to Get Away with Murder characters would be Sorted into at Hogwarts? Watch him Sort Wes, Annalise, Michaela, Laurel, Connor, Asher, and executive producer Shonda Rhimes in the clip below from HuffPost Live:


Alfred also made appearances today on The Chew and The Wendy Williams Show to promote tonight’s premiere and had fun taking over Instagram for Entertainment Weekly:

Kicked it with Wendy today. Also took a picture with a cut out of her. – Alfie #TGIT #htgawm

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Cold over in these ends! Mad props to papa King for the winter wear. Promise not to do a Darryl Matthews. – Alfie #TGIT #htgawm #selfie

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Are you excited to see what happens next on How to Get Away with Murder?

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