J.K. Rowling Among “Time”‘s Most Influential People on the Internet

We always knew J.K. Rowling was magical! Alongside the likes of Kanye West, Laci Green, and *cough* VoldeTrump, the author has been named one of Time‘s “Most Influential People on the Internet.” Rowling has seven million followers on Twitter, and anything she says instantly spreads all over cyber space – so we’re not surprised.

From Time:

More than any other author, J.K. Rowling has cast a spell over the Internet, using Twitter and her website Pottermore to expand the Harry Potter universe. Over the past year, she has revealed everything from why Hagrid can’t produce a Patronus, to the fact that Hogwarts tuition is free, to the history of North American magic in general (though some criticized her for using details from existing Native American legends). Rowling has also made headlines for fighting with a member of Scottish Parliament, comparing Donald Trump to Voldemort and offering support to fans with depression.

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Jessica J.

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