Pros and Cons of Forbidden Journey in 3D at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood

Forbidden Journey, one of Universal’s biggest attractions at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando, has made its way to Hollywood with one major new addition: It’s in 3D! And having experienced the new update for ourselves, we have some thoughts, both good and bad, on how this version of Forbidden Journey feels nestled in the Hollywood hills.

Pro: Spotting the actual Herbology earmuffs the trio used to uproot mandrakes while filming Chamber of Secrets. Hint: They’re in the cabinets just before you re-enter the castle while waiting in line!

Con: Unimaginably long wait lines.

Pro: Sweet 3D glasses to make you feel like the Doctor!

Con: They don’t fit over real glasses. Going in blind!


Con: Oh, I’m gonna be sick with all this 3D.

Pro: But oh, hey, look! The animation puppets are back!

Con: And they consist of things mostly from my worst nightmares: dragons, Dementors, and spiders, oh my!

Pro: Feeling like I won the Quidditch House Cup coming off the ride because chocolate frogs, y’all, that was awesome!

Con: Realizing how poor I’m going to be when the ride ends and dumps me into the gift shop with all the pretty things.

Overall, Forbidden Journey is eerily similar to its Orlando counterpart, which this rider personally was grateful for. It’s one of my favorite features of both Potter parks in Orlando, so I was glad not to be disappointed by the version I’ll be able to frequent more often. And I must admit, the 3D was a little odd at first when I’ve grown so used to the ride without it, but it’s certainly an amazing added feature that enhances the fun of the ride. Hollywood, prepare yourself for one wild journey!