MuggleNet’s March Madness Begins Now – Your Vote Matters!

MuggleNet’s Harry Potter Book Chapter March Madness is beginning RIGHT NOW. Here is a description of how the tournament will work and why your votes are important.

The MuggleNet staff has selected our favorite 64 of the 198 available chapters in the Harry Potter series. We then split them into four different brackets (named after the Houses) and ranked them 1 through 16 within each bracket.

Starting now and remaining available until Saturday at midnight, it’s your turn to participate and vote in the Round of 64! You, the best fans in the world, vote on which of the chapters competing against each other were your favorite chapters. This means that for the first round of competition, you will have 32 matches to vote on (8 within each House bracket). You may vote every day to help your favorite chapters advance to Round 2.

On Saturday night, the winners from each match will advance to the Round of 32, and voting will once again be open within each of the four Houses to vote for the new matches. The winners from each round will advance until the FINAL match-up, which is set to take place on April 4. The final two chapters will compete for the championship to be crowned the Fans’ Favorite Book Chapter.


Here is the schedule for advancing the winners to the next round:

  • Round 1 (Round of 64) – March 17-19
  • Round 2 (Round of 32) – March 20-23
  • Round 3 (Sweet 16) – March 24-27
  • Round 4 (Elite 8) – March 28-April 1
  • Round 5 (Final 4) – April 2-3
  • Round 6 (FINALS) – April 4
  • Winner announced April 5

We also encourage you to predict the winning chapters from each House and the overall winner of the tournament in the comments below. State your favorite part of the chapter you are selecting. If you need to brush up on the chapter’s events, read the synopses from each of the chapters right here on the Harry Potter Lexicon.

Here is the tournament bracket with our starting 64 chapter match-ups (the number alongside the chapter name is its ranking within that bracket):