Recipe of the Week: Butterbeer Sauce for Profiteroles

We start this edition of Rosmerta’s Recipes with an introduction from the chef herself:

Do you want something extremely impressive for your next ‘Potter’ gathering? Something that looks like it required much more effort than it actually did? Then consider this dessert, the Slug Club dessert: a profiterole tower. One of the more recognizable treats from the ‘Potter’ movies, this profiterole tower, a.k.a. a cream puff tower, is sure to garner you ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs.’ Flaky pastry filled with a custard filling and topped with a butterbeer sauce? A ‘Potter’ geek can’t go wrong with this one!



These profiteroles with butterbeer sauce not only look great, but they also come with a quirky source of inspiration. Sugar Bean Bakers’ head chef, Tina, admires Ron’s ability to triumph over his social ineptitude:

In [‘Half Blood Prince’], Hermione, Harry, Neville, and Ginny are all invited to go to the Slug Club dinner party with Professor Slughorn. Ron is not invited. Not only is Ron not invited, [but also,] Slughorn can never even get his name right. At the party, Slughorn serves a lovely dessert: [p]rofiteroles. Since my buddy Ron didn’t get to have any – and let’s be honest, he’d [have] loved to [-] I made him some for his birthday.




Don’t worry about the complexity of this dish just because its name isn’t the easiest to roll off your tongue. Tina informs us that profiteroles are simply basic cream puffs made from a choux pastry.



Check out Tina’s butterbeer sauce recipe that she was kind enough to share with us. You can find her profiteroles recipe on her friend’s blog: Bakingdom.

If you have any scrumptious, Potter-inspired dishes you would like featured here, be sure to share with us via our guidelines for submission. Until the next time, happy tasting!

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