Hagrid: The Unsung Mother

When you look at Harry Potter, there isn’t a shortage of strong females who watch over protect Harry. There is the obvious Mrs. Weasley,  Professor McGonagall, and even Madam Pomfrey. Harry was always taken care of. However, we cannot ignore another nurturing soul who looked after Harry and his friends. That soul is none other than Rubeus Hagrid.


He was in charge of ushering the terrified new students from the Hogwarts Express, across the lake, and into the castle. Just like with Harry, he is charged with taking these students away from the only home they ever knew and bringing them to their new home. Hagrid even gave his cloak to one of the students after he fell in the lake during transport.


His relationship with Harry goes back a long way. He was not only the person who introduced Harry to the wizarding world, but he is also the one who took him away from it. After Voldemort destroyed his home in Godric’s Hollow, Dumbledore sent Hagrid to rescue baby Harry. Despite his size, he was so gentle with Harry and fell in love with him instantly. The cycle repeats, and he rescued Harry from his horrible life with the Dursleys and ushers him into his true home.


For the rest of his life, especially at Hogwarts, Hagrid was there for Harry. He always remembered to ask Harry down for tea to talk about everything and anything that was bothering him. He listened with an open mind, then gave Harry his opinion or advice. Whenever the trio left Hagrid’s, they were always loaded down with food that Hagrid gave them. He stood up for Harry on numerous occasions and made sure Harry never felt alone.


Hagrid looked after Harry and his friends, but his true babies were his “fur” babies. Hagrid treated every creature that he cared for with love and compassion no matter how abnormal or terrifying they were. When Buckbeak had to go to trial after being provoked by Malfoy, Hagrid researched everything he could involving animal trials with Hermione. He fought for Buckbeak’s life until the very end and cried when he realized he had “escaped.” Before that was baby Norbert(a). He illegally hatched a baby dragon in his little hut during Harry’s first year. He even refers to himself as Norbert(a)’s mommy. When (s)he got too big for Hagrid’s house and had to get sent to Romania, Hagrid makes sure to pack snacks for the trip and its teddy bear. Then in the sixth book, he had a funeral for Aragog, his enormous Acromantula, a creature that would terrify most people, but viewed by Hagrid as one of his closest friends.


Then there was Grawp, Hagrid’s half-brother. When recruiting giants for Dumbledore, Hagrid came across a giant that was smaller than all the rest. This giant was ostracized from the rest of his colony, and once Hagrid found out that he was his brother, he had to take him back to Hogwarts, where Hagrid kept him safe and made him feel loved despite the violent outbursts that being a giant caused. Even when Hagrid had to leave, he made sure that Grawp was taken care of.


Hagrid is a loving giant with a heart bigger than he is. He is not someone whom you would expect to be a mother, but he is the hidden mother of Hogwarts. Happy Mother’s Day to all my mothers out there, especially the ones who don’t conform to the typical mother stereotype. <3