Pottermore Quietly Unveils New Redesigned Ilvermorny House Crests

Pottermore has redesigned their Ilvermorny House crests! The new designs feature the magical creatures posing in different positions and with a shinier and sleeker flair to them. Each House crest now features its creature in gold with black geometric designs and six to eight green clovers circling them. With those exceptions, there are no major changes toward each House. Wampus’s is still the six-legged, cat-like creature; Pukwudgie’s is still the human-looking figure, with the exception of now holding arrows in its hand; Horned Serpent’s is now curled into a new shape with different horns instead of the ram horns it had before; and Thunderbird’s is still a wingspread bird, but this time with eyes looking downward.

We’ve created a gallery below for you to look at the differences between the old crests and the new crests.



What do you think of the new changes? Do you like the new design, or do you prefer the older versions? Let us know in the comments below!