Matthew Lewis Named “Manual” Man of the Month!

Actor Matthew Lewis has been named Man of the Month by the UK’s Phoenix magazine for the September 2016 issue of its sister publication, the Manual!

The magazine describes itself as “a game-changing, digital-only monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine, designed from scratch to suit the way we read, work, play and shop now.” The September 2016 issue, as described on its PocketMags page, contains plenty of content geared toward women’s interests:

This month in [t]he Manual, the unique women’s monthly magazine designed for reading on a digital tablet, meet cover star Ashley Madekwe, the south London actress taking LA by storm. Matthew Lewis, the ex Harry Potter star turned grown-up heartthrob is our Man of [t]he Month.

In his interview with the magazine, Matthew discusses his West End role in Unfaithful and his return to the television series Ripper Street. He describes Unfaithful by saying,

It’s a very raw and real look at relationships, whether they’re new or well established.

He adds,

It’s about the difference in communication between genders and generations. It’s about honesty and truth and the characters we play to get through life, even with those closest to us.

On the subject of Ripper Street, he shares what viewers can expect from the new season:

We’re back in Victorian Whitechapel just before the turn of the century. Technology has moved onward again in the eternal fight against crime, and the Leman Street boys are hard at work. Meanwhile, after a new body turns up, a closed case suddenly appears far less sound.

Matthew also shares his “most vivid memory” from his early years of filming the Harry Potter series:

I remember my first day on set at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland. It was the broomstick scene, and I got to do stunts for my first week. As an 11[-]year[-]old boy, that was special.

More of Matthew’s interview is available in the September 2016 issue of the Manual, which can be purchased via the App Store, Google Play, and PocketMags.

What do you think of Matthew’s interview? Will you be downloading this issue of the Manual?

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